Our Team

EP Ingénierie provides solutions adapted to your request and assigns the most appropriate resources.

If you need a specific machine, each of the compounds is assigned to a dedicated team with experience in the relevant field. A supervising engineer is appointed to coordinate the work of design engineers, draughtsmen and automation technicians. Supervision of all operations linked to your project (studies, manufacturing, purchases, deliveries, commissioning) is ensured by EP INGLOBE, whose main task is to coordinate the entire project, from setting forth the specifications to delivering the final « turnkey » equipment.

Our Automation Department answers both internal and external requests by providing service calls on automatic machines, robots, as well as by reconditioning old machines (whether designed by us or not).

A mechanical engineer manages the Engineering and Design Department, supervising all calculations related to structures and mechanical devices, and ensuring compliance of the structures with applicable standards (Eurocodes, CM66, CODAP…), as well as dimensioning the mechanical devices or even optimising given compounds with finite elements.